1st Peter 3:18 says Jesus was put to death in the flesh but quickened by the Spirit.

Jesus took our death into the body of his flesh. He felt the full weight of his body dying pressing in upon his soul. He felt the condemnation that death brings pressing in on him. He felt death saying he was separated from God; that he was not the Son of God; that God had forsaken him in his affliction. He felt the full weight of the fear that comes from death pressing in on him. But his heart was not filled with the spirit of fear it was filled with the Spirit of adoption. His heart was filled with the Spirit of Faith and Life. Even though his body was clothed in death his heart was wrapped in light and life through the Holy Spirit dwelling in him. This brought peace and rest to his soul in the midst of the death of the cross. It filled his heart with the love of the Father and guarded his heart from the fear of death. His flesh went to rest. His heart and mind went to rest in the Father’s love for him, and he cried out “Father into your hands I commend my spirit”.

The death Jesus died was not spiritual. There is never a time when Jesus was separated from the Holy Spirit. Romans 8 says the Holy Spirit mortifies our members & causes us to cry out Abba. Jesus was resting on the cross, not enlisting his members to cloth himself & cried Abba through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit bore witness with Jesus’ spirit that he was the Son of God even as he hung on the cross & Jesus cried Abba.(Romans 8:14-16).