+ Music
Gabriel Harwell - I Am Your Heaven
+ On The Road
The Heart of God Behind the Cross
+ The Girlz Club
Knowing God
+ Guest Speakers
+ Bertie Brits
Defining Your Being
Comfort for the Sinner
Why Did God Plant the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
Your Manifest Innocence in Christ
The Love of God
Born From Innocence - The Ultimate Way to Live
The Wrath of God
What is the Real Gospel
Lazarus and the Rich Man
The Justice of God
Hearing the Voice of God According to the Resurrection
A Good Father of Life
+ Joe Child
Abiding in the Vine
+ Thursday Bible Study
+ Galatians
Galatians Lesson 1
Galatians Lesson 2
Galatians Lesson 3
Galatians Lesson 4
Galatians Lesson 5
Galatians Lesson 6
Galatians Lesson 7
Galatians Lesson 8
Galatians Lesson 9
Galatians Lesson 10
Galatians Lesson 11
Galatians Lesson 12
Galatians Lesson 13
Galatians Lesson 14
+ Hebrews
Hebrews Lesson 1
Hebrews Lesson 2
Hebrews Lesson 3
Hebrews Lesson 4
Hebrews Lesson 5
Hebrews Lesson 6
Hebrews Lesson 7
Hebrews Lesson 8
Hebrews Lesson 9
Hebrews Lesson 10
Hebrews Lesson 11
Hebrews Lesson 12
Hebrews Lesson 13
Hebrews Lesson 14
Hebrews Lesson 15
Hebrews Lesson 16
Hebrews Lesson 17
Hebrews Lesson 18
Hebrews Lesson 19
Hebrews Lesson 20
Hebrews Lesson 21
Hebrews Lesson 22
Hebrews Lesson 23
Hebrews Lesson 24
Hebrews Lesson 25
Hebrews Lesson 26
Hebrews Lesson 27
Hebrews Lesson 28
Hebrews Lesson 29
Hebrews Lesson 30
Hebrews Lesson 31
Hebrews Lesson 32
Hebrews Lesson 33
+ Sunday Sermons
+ 2011
+ October
How to Activate Faith
Grace Activates Faith
You're Not Separated from God
The Truth About Cain and Abel
+ November
Clear Conscience
The Truth About 1 John 1:9
The Power Of Thanksgiving
Established In Righteousness
+ December
The Purpose of the Law
Mixing Law and Grace
Cast out the Bondwoman
Peace With God
+ 2012
+ January
The Benefits of Holy Communion
Seek First the Kingdom
Forgiveness: The Power of the Gospel
Forgiveness: The Conclusion
Guarding Your Heart
+ February
A Sound Heart
Grace is the Answer
Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment
Was Hurricane Katrina the Judgement of God
+ March
Favor of God
The Truth About the Rapture
The Bride of Christ
Obedience in the New Covenant
+ April
The Truth About James
The Power of the Resurrection
The Battle is Not Yours
The Lord Our Justifier
The Blessing of Non-Imputation of Sins
+ May
Grace Glorifies God
You Already Are Like God
Seek the Root not the Fruit
The Lord is Your Shepherd
+ June
Christ Restores Your Soul
The Jubile is Now
The Power of Praise & Worship - Part 1
+ July
The Power of Praise & Worship - Part 2
Who God Is
God's Way of Doing Things
The Truth About Repentance
God's Perfect Will for Your Life
+ August
The Truth About Who You Are
Born Again Born From Him
The Proof of Your Identity
The Only Temptation Common to Man
+ September
The Root of Temptation
Walking Down the Road Emmaus
The Lord is With You
Perfect Love Casts Out Fear
+ October
God Give You of the Dew of Heaven
Boast in Christ and Him Crucified
Freedom From Sin
Face to Face with God
+ November
What Does it Mean to Observe the Sabbath
The Secret to the Apostle Paul's Contentment
The Assurance of Faith
What is the Chastening of the Lord
+ December
The Mark of the Beast
Identity Theft
Can a Believer be in the Flesh
The Bread of Life
What is Great Faith
+ 2013
+ January
What is Prayer and Fasting
Christ Our First Fruit
How the Gospel Works
God's Perfect Plan for His Own Life
+ February
Why God Gave the Ten Commandments
God's Determined Purpose
The Real Spiritual Warfare
The Weapons of Our Warfare
+ March
Binding and Loosing
Who's Your Daddy?
The Faith of God
What Does God Believe?
God's Judgement of Mankind
+ April
Why Did God Plant the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
Who Are You Wearing?
Why Did Jesus Have to Die?
+ May
Pressing Towards the Prize
Did God Curse Adan and Eve in the Garden?
What is the Curse of the Law?
The Life of Our Design
+ June
Effortless Fruit Bearing
Faith a Labor of Rest
The True Nature of Man
Effortless Forgiveness
The Law God Puts on Our Hearts
+ July
Saved By Faith
Did God Forsake Jesus at the Cross?
The Faithfulness of God Towards Mankind
This is Eternal Life
+ August
What Does it Mean to Mortify Your Members?
Freedom from the Pain - God's Righteous Judgement About Your Life
Justification of Life
What God Felt When He Made Man
+ September
Let Go and Let God
Understanding the Letter of James
+ October
Rich in Faith
The Work of Faith
+ November
The Perfect Law of Liberty
Faith That Saves
A Faith That is Alive
Do You Really Think You Can Fix It?
+ December
Experiencing Salvation in Hard Times
Understanding the Work James Said Justified Abraham
What is Perfect Faith?
Immanuel, The Revelation of God With Us
Freedom From Satan's Belief System - Part 1
+ 2014
+ January
Freedom From Satan's Belief System - Part 2
Understanding Grace and How it Works
Jesus as the Manifestation of Grace Influencing the Heart of Man
Grace, The Power Unto God: Quality of Life
+ February
Understanding the Fruit of the Spirit
Experiencing the Fruit of the Spirit - Part 1
Experiencing the Fruit of the Spirit - Part 2
Why Did God Find Fault with the Law System?
+ March
Understanding What Paul Called Faith of the Son of God - Part 1
Understanding What Paul Called Faith of the Son of God - Part 2
Being Filled with the Fullness of God
God's Commitment
The Substance of Faith
+ April
The Relationship Between Grace and Faith
Defining Salvation
A Life Defined By the Resurrection
God's Commitment - Part 2
+ May
Life After the Law
Coming Into the Unity of the Faith
The Love of God
Born From Innocence - The Ultimate Way to Live
The Wrath of God
The Wrath of God Working to Bring About Eternal Life
+ June
Abiding in the Vine
The Spirit of Sowing and Reaping - Part 1
The Spirit of Sowing and Reaping - Part 2
Deconstructing Sowing and Reaping
Giving Defined
+ July
Jesus, the Spirit of the Tithe
Why Faith Pleases God
Understanding What It Means to be Justified by Faith
+ August
The Power of Hope to Fulfill the Joy of Jesus in You
Understanding the Exhortation of Jesus to Go and Sin No More
The Hope of Righteousness
What About the Flood in the Days of Noah
The Place Where God Dwells Called Rest
+ September
Effortless Prayer
The Bible: Grace or Works
Will the Real Holy Spirit Please Stand Up
Knowing the One Jesus Calls the Comforter
+ October
Understanding the Ministry of the Holy Spirit in Prophecy
The Role of the Holy Spirit in Bringing You to the Father
Baptized by the Holy Spirit With Fire
Understanding the Ministry Gift of the Spirit
+ November
The Voice of an Apostle and Prophet
How to Get Along With Everyone
My Journey in Grace
Exposing Mixture For What It Is
The Gift of Evangelist Pastor and Teacher
+ December
The Righteousness That Exists in the Godhead
Has Your Conscience Had A Bath Today?
Immanuel the Season of Our Joy
The Hope of God
+ 2015
+ January
Freedom For Spiritual Gifts
The Role of Spiritual Gifts in Creating the Fellowship in the Godhead in the Earth
What About the Spiritual Gifts in Corinthians
Should We Seek Spiritual Gifts
+ February
Comparing Love With Spiritual Gifts
Healing the Broken-Hearted
Why Blood is Needed for Forgiveness in Light of Grace
+ March
Entering the Holiest Place
How God Justifying Man Reveals He is Righteous
Is Atonement the Punishment or the Favor of God
Unleashing the Power of the Ministry of Reconciliation
Freedom From the Cares of this World
+ April
Walking in Newness of Life
Healing the Broken Hearted - Part 2
Why Man Needs to Be Saved
+ May
Understanding Justification in Prophecy
The Mother Heart of God
What Would Jesus Do - Nothing
The Way God Sees Faith
Whose Head Are You Living In
+ June
Did God Kill Herod
The Mercy of God
Salvation From Sin
Complete in Christ
+ July
The Bible - Fiction or Non-Fiction
The Life of a Son
The Ability of God to Bring Forth His Life in You
Hope on a Slippery Slope
+ August
Understanding the Obedience of Jesus
How Jesus Set Us Free from the Law of Moses
Questions and Answers
Trust in God Made Easy
Who You Are Is Good
+ September
Abiding in the Father's Heart
Two Words of Healing - Heart and Body
How Faith Gives Birth to the Love of God in Your Heart
You Have a Friend - His Name is God
How God Conquers Man's Stumblingblock to Experiencing His Love
Walking with God in the Cool of the Day
+ October
Rest for the People of God
Pre-Sermon Words Received of the Holy Spirit
The Way God Helps Us Trust Him
Did Jesus Really Believe God Had Forsaken Him?
The God Who Never Forsakes
Pre-Sermon The Reverence and Goodness of God Explained
+ November
Questions and Answers Session
Freedom From the Lie of Lack - Part 1
Freedom From the Lie of Lack - Part 2
Deliverance From Fear and Anxiety
What Do You Do if You Are Struggling with Fear and Anxiety
+ December
Peace for People Struggling with Sin
Free Protection From Identity Theft
How Did God Protect Jesus Identity
Peace on Earth
+ 2016
+ January
The Acceptable Year of the Lord
The Fast God has Chosen
Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers
How God Heals Our Hearts
Freedom from Offense
+ February
The Strength of God to Deliver You from Offense
Freedom from Rejection
Giving up the Ghost
The Lie of Rejection
+ March
Following Jesus
The Sweet Fruit of Patience
The Power of Pure Grace
O Death Where is Your Sting
+ April
The Compassionate Heart of God
Understanding Genesis 6 5-7 in Light of the Compassion of God
The End Goal of the Gospel
What About the Anger of God
+ May
The Sting of Life
What is the Real Gospel
Lazarus and the Rich Man
Atonement - The Restoration of all Things
The Law that has been from the Beginning
Why God Loves You
+ June
I Find No Fault in You
Finding No Fault in God
If God is for You What can Stand Against You?
Question and Answer Session
+ July
Question and Answer Session Act 2
The Blessing of God
God Does Not Test Us Or Bring Hard Times To Teach Us
The Flow of Grace
Faith Came to Perform a Work in You
+ August
Faith Made Perfect in You
What Does it Mean to be Obedient to God
Freedom From Assumption
Health and Healing for Relationships
+ September
Raising Children in Grace
Questions and Answers
A New Place of Reasoning
How the Goodness of God Produces Repentence in the Heart
+ October
The Gift of Righteousness
What is Your Desire
The Truth About Sodom and Gomorrah
Unveiling the Abba of Jesus in Sodom and Gomorrah
Question and Answer
+ November
Finding Freedom From Shame
Whose Good Works Are You Created to Walk In
Justified in the Spirit
What Did Jesus Believe on the Cross
+ December
A New Commandment that Is Not New
Question and Answer - Fear and Trembling
Question and Answer - Can a Person Lose Their Salvation
+ 2017
+ January
The God Who Brings Hope
Comfort for the Brokenhearted
Salvation From Unbelief
The Real Judgement of God
+ February
Love Unleashed
Question and Answer Renewal of the Mind
Grace for Marriage
Unity in Marriage
+ March
The Sermon on the Mount as Jesus Intended
Set your Eyes on Gods Righteousness Toward You
Extravagant Forgiveness
The New Heaven and the New Earth
+ April
Question and Answer Groanings Within
Question and Answer Propitiation
Christ in You the Hope of Glory
God Isn't Two Faced
His Kindness is Everlasting
+ May
Who Bruised Who
Knowing the Love of God
Finding the Good Life
The Message Jesus Preached to the World
+ June
Question and Answer Bullying
Man Alive
Seeing the Law Through the Eyes of Jesus
The New Song God Puts in Our Hearts
+ July
Living the Good Life
Carnal Mind Crucified
We Have the Mind of Christ
Justification Through the Eyes of Jesus
Bonded Together in Peace
+ August
Question and Answer Show Me Jesus
It is Not About Who is Right or Wrong
The Night of the Passover through the Lens of Christ
Revealing Christ in the Night of the Passover
+ September
Breaking Bread with Jesus
Where is the Peace
Grace Based Relationships
Temptation Crucified
+ October
The Word of Reconciliation as it was Always Intended
Strength for Weakness and Joy for Sorrow
Q and A with Gary Vinturella Greg Henry and Maurice Cabirac
Coming Boldly into the Throne Room
+ November
Coming Boldly into Gods Dream for His Life
Taught of Grace
Finding Life
Q and A with Gary Vinturella Maurice Cabirac and Greg Henry
+ December
Discerning of Spirits
Knowing the True Heart of God
+ 2018
+ January
God With Us
Christ, the Firstfruits of God's Inheritance
Deuteronomy - The Book about Faith
The Great Commandment is All about Grace
+ February
The Spirit of Deuteronomy
Jesus the Dude in Deuteronomy
+ March
Calling People Out of the Darkness and into the Light
The Secrets of Gods Heart
Worry Free Living
+ April
Naked No More
Walking in the Light of Life
Born From Love
Why God Believes the Best about Everyone
+ May
No Shame
The Comforting Hand of God
Consumed by the Fire of Gods Love
The Knowledge of God
+ June
Overcoming the Accusation
A Good Father of Life
+ July
Let There Be Rest
Justice and Justification for Job
Finding Jesus in Job
+ August
Discerning the Life of Job
O Death God Has Removed Your Sting
The Judgement Seat of Christ
+ September
The Way Faith Saves
Taken Captive by Life
No Worries
Taught by Love
+ October
What is Grace
What Does It Mean that God is Righteous
Obeying from the Heart
+ November
Gathering Us to Himself
The Beauty of the Beatitudes
Uncovering the Real Treasure
+ December
The Hearing of Faith
Seeing the Heart of God in Chastening
Peace With God
+ 2019
+ January
Freedom from Self Dissatisfaction
The House that God Built
Hope for This Life
Dancing with the Spirit
+ February
The Con of Condemnation
+ March
The Recovering of Sight
Question and Answer
Question and Answer Round 2
Justice for the Justified
Jeremiah Johnson
+ April
That Which has Always been Between God and Mankind
The Sons of God
Forgiveness the Work of God
+ May
Forgiveness Came to Serve You
The Perfection of Love
Praying with Jesus
Forgiveness the Gift of God to You
+ June
The Spirit of Prayer
Good Grief
Led by the Spirit
+ July
Power from on High
Dressed for Success
You Got Talent
+ August
Aint So Bad
Discernment for Your Life
Living Peacefully with People in a World Filled with Offense
+ September
The Lamb of God Who Takes Away the Sin of the World
Animated by Grace
Sing O Barren
The Conviction of Sin in Light of the Love of God
+ October
The Gospel According to God
Count it All Joy
Healing for Our Flesh
Sanctifying the Name of God
+ November
Knowing Jesus as Both Lord and Christ
Caught up to the Third Heaven
Tending the Garden
+ December
Gods Love Language
Can't Get No Satisfaction
+ 2020
+ January
Help in Your Time of Need
More Than Conquerors
The Heart of Man
Doing the World
+ February
God's Abundant Life Meets You Where You Are
God's Joy Meets the Lie of Lack in Tribulation
+ March
The Fear of the Lord
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