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Not One Jot or Tittle shall Pass Away

by Greg Henry

Something to consider concerning Matthew 5:17 Moses gave the words of the law in Deuteronomy. He went on to tell the Israelites God would send another prophet like unto himself who would come and reveal what the words of the law were really teaching, & they should hearken to this prophet. Deuteronomy is actually about […]

Love as the Fulfillment of the Law

by Greg Henry

When we think of love being the fulfillment of the law we think of it as in me loving I’m fulfilling the requirements of the law but thats not what its saying.   Love isn’t the completion of the law in the sense of if I’m loving then I’m doing everything right.  It’s the completion […]

Understanding the Death of Jesus

by Greg Henry

1st Peter 3:18 says Jesus was put to death in the flesh but quickened by the Spirit. Jesus took our death into the body of his flesh. He felt the full weight of his body dying pressing in upon his soul. He felt the condemnation that death brings pressing in on him. He felt death […]